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Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators

At Inspiring Minds, Michelle Galindo provides online and in person professional development designed to enhance teaching practice for early childhood educators through a variety of engaging, high-quality trainings and workshops. 

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Workshop Topics and More...

  • When you join a Live Virtual/Online or In Person Workshop at Inspiring Minds Training & Consulting, with Michelle Galindo you will experience high engagement with research based strategies, interactive discussions and collaboration opportunities to reflect with other educators.

  • These topics relate to developmental areas of social/emotional development, cognitive and language development, core elements to the development of the young learner as a whole.

Michelle Galindo, M.S

At Inspiring Minds Training & Consulting Early Education we’re committed to empower a teacher’s ability to guide children’s learning and development through interactive professional development experiences. 
Young children need responsive, sensitive and regulated adults that can guide and reassure them through their learning and developmental experiences.


Experiencing first hand as an Early Childhood Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Adjunct Professor advocating for quality Early Education experiences for All children- I understand the current demand for ECE professionals to be highly trained to engage with children in developmentally appropriate ways and nourish our next generation of young children. We know our children  are impacted by technology advancement, cultural diversity and family dynamics along with mental health challenges.


I am inspired and committed to provide Early Education Trainings to educators, in-home providers and other adults interacting with young children

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